May 082012
300px Group of smartphones Mobile Is the Gateway to Small Business Owners, SMBs   eMarketer

Apple iPhone 3GS, Motorola Milestone and LG GW60 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just came across this very insightful article from eMarketer on the subject of Mobile (Smartphone) usage among Small & Medium Businesses.

If you’re marketing to Small Businesses, this is definitely something you need to keep in mind.  Especially take make sure that your content is geared towards mobile access.

Mobile Is the Gateway to Small-Business Owners, SMBs – eMarketer.

 Mobile Is the Gateway to Small Business Owners, SMBs   eMarketer
Apr 272012

LogoColorTextBelow1 300x258 Infusion Media Announces SMB ServicesInfusion Media strongly believes that Small & Medium Businesses (SMB’s) are the Backbone of America’s Economy.  By assisting SMB’s utilize the latest Social and Digital Technology, they will be able to prosper in Sales which will also lead to additional hiring….all which will improve the local economy.  Infusion Media is proud to offer Services catered to the Small & Medium Businesses at an Affordable cost.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Social Media Consulting
  • Management of blogs, podcasts, and social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Foursquare, Google+, Flickr, Tumblr, etc…
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Email Marketing Strategy & Implementation
  • Social Media Implementation Guidelines and Social Media Policy
  • Social Profile Creation
  • Blog Design, Strategy, Setup and/or Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Branding (Traditional & New Media)
  • Domain Registration & Web Hosting

For mor information, please contact Infusion Media at or call 678.451.5225.


 Infusion Media Announces SMB Services
Apr 012012

Came across this little tool yesterday thanks to a Facebook Friend.  Intel made a custom Infographic creator based on your posts from Facebook, Twitter, & Youtube.  Pretty interesting…and Colorful!!! lol

WhatAboutMe Random Findings of a Geek   2012.04.01


Another finding from yesterday…. Five Guys now has iPhone/Android Apps along with online ordering! icon biggrin Random Findings of a Geek   2012.04.01  You can actually download the app by scanning the QR Code on their website.

Screen Shot 2012 04 01 at 6.09.48 PM Random Findings of a Geek   2012.04.01



IMG 4025 200x300 Random Findings of a Geek   2012.04.01

IMG 1372 200x300 Random Findings of a Geek   2012.04.01


So any good Geek finds you’d like to share?



 Random Findings of a Geek   2012.04.01
Mar 132012
2222218013 fc257aeeb9 m Social Media Engagement   Meineke

080116Meineke_711 (Photo credit: MizGingerSnaps)

Kudo’s to Meineke on Social Media Customer Engagement!

Today I visited a local Meineke and checked in via Foursquare (which then went to Twitter…).  This afternoon, I then received this Tweet from Meineke:

@ Thanks for coming in today! Here’s some savings off your next oil change
Slide1 normal Social Media Engagement   Meineke
Meineke Car Care

The link then led to these coupons that I can use on my next visit.

Screen Shot 2012 03 13 at 8.13.35 PM Social Media Engagement   Meineke

Very impressive proactive customer engagement! 

MySignature chris Social Media Engagement   Meineke


















 Social Media Engagement   Meineke
Mar 122012
5268216235 af97123636 m Fun With Infographics!

The Story of South African Wines (Photo credit: DimitraTzanos)

Ever created an Infographic?  You know…one of those graphs that combine Data & Graphics that give you that “Wow” impression when it loads a full web page? lol  There are some tools out there to help create specialized Infographics such as Resume’s or LinkedIn Profiles.  Or you can create your own with a graphics program such as Photoshop. is now rolling out a tool to easily create Infographics and makes it even easier to share it across your Social Media Networks, Blogs, Websites, email, etc.  They currently only have a limited amount of tools to start, but they promise a full list of new tools coming soon.

I decided to try it out.  One of their featured tools is to compare Twitter accounts with a SXSW Theme.  So I compared myself to my Twitter Friend Irene Kimmel (@irenekimmel).  The output was very impressive! (See below.).  My only complaint is that since I changed my Twitter Username last week, the graphic is only showing one week of stats.  Not sure if this is a Twitter bug or issue since by changing my name I kept my years and years of Twitter history.

So what do you think?

infographic11221 9630 173s4pp Fun With Infographics!
infographic created with

Be sure to try your own (free registration) at!

MySignature chris Fun With Infographics!







 Fun With Infographics!