Mar 192012
6267419182 591cbd33ae m I Love Siri!!!

Siri not in Canada yet (Photo credit: AshtonPal)

I’ve been trying to get Siri installed on my iPhone 4 for quite some time now.  Every week there seems to be some new trick published on mainstream iPhone & Jailbreaking Blogs to bypass Apple’s restriction of Siri to the iPhone 4S only platform.  However, each time something failed.  Until today!!!

I was able to activate Siri this morning.  I am very impressed!  I was able to play Music, find a good BBQ Restaurant in Kansas City (I had to try the “What’s the best BBQ Restaurant in Kansas City” from the Apple Commercial…especially with my strong ties to the city.

photo 1 1 I Love Siri!!!

photo 1-1

tiny I Love Siri!!!

photo 2

tiny I Love Siri!!!

photo 3

photo 1 1 150x150 I Love Siri!!!photo 2 150x150 I Love Siri!!!photo 3 150x150 I Love Siri!!!

And what was really impressive, I was able to send Teresa a text message without typing while driving.  While the punctuation wasn’t the best, the voice recognition was excellent.

Have you tried Siri?  If so, what is your favorite feature?

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 I Love Siri!!!
Mar 142012

QR (Quick Response) Codes…love them or hate them?

AboutMe Fun with QR Codes!

Originally designed for the Automotive Industry then adapted to other industries due to it’s fast readability and large storage design.  Some believe they are an excellent marketing tool targeting mobile users with smartphones.  And since the QR Codes can hold four different types of data (numeric, alphanumeric, byte/binary, Kanji), marketers can develop very diverse campaigns tailored to their product or campaign.

Screen Shot 2012 03 14 at 8.33.41 AM Fun with QR Codes!

QR Codes are popping up everywhere.  Not only on product packaging, you’ll find them on direct mailings, business cards, emails, bumper stickers…I’ve even seen them alongside the names of Journalists on the Local TV Newscasts.

As QR Codes become more popular, from a marketing standpoint, you will most likely to want them to stand out from the standard black and white block image.  There are tools out there now that allow you to insert your own logo, change the design, and colors.

 Fun with QR Codes!4 Ways Restaurants Should Use QR Codes | Social ShuffleHere are four ways restaurants can effectively leverage QR codes to improve the overall dining experience.

embedly powered small light Fun with QR Codes!

Here are some QR Codes that I recently designed for Infusioni Media.  One note, you must be careful when using these generation tools.  Be sure to test them with different QR Code Scanning Apps prior to publishing.

infusion logo 300x300 Fun with QR Codes!


Infusion Media Website

tiny Fun with QR Codes!


“Like” Infusion Media on Facebook

tiny Fun with QR Codes!


Follow Infusion Media on Twitter

tiny Fun with QR Codes!


Circle Infusion Media on Google+

tiny Fun with QR Codes!


Connect with Infusion Media on LinkedIn

tiny Fun with QR Codes!


Email Infusion Media

tiny Fun with QR Codes!


Text Message (SMS) Infusion Media

tiny Fun with QR Codes!


Call Infusion Media

tiny Fun with QR Codes!


Infusion Media Contact Info

tiny Fun with QR Codes!

Screen Shot 2012-03-14 at 8.33.41 AM

tiny Fun with QR Codes!


infusion logo 150x150 Fun with QR Codes!infusion logo FB 150x150 Fun with QR Codes!infusion logo Twitter 150x150 Fun with QR Codes!infusion logo GPlus 150x150 Fun with QR Codes!infusion logo LinkedIn 150x150 Fun with QR Codes!infusion logo email 150x150 Fun with QR Codes!infusion logo sms 150x150 Fun with QR Codes!infusion logo phonecall 150x150 Fun with QR Codes!infusion logo me card 150x150 Fun with QR Codes!Screen Shot 2012 03 14 at 8.33.41 AM 150x150 Fun with QR Codes!AboutMe 150x150 Fun with QR Codes!


What are your thoughts on QR Codes?  Have you used QR Codes as either a Marketer or Consumer?

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 Fun with QR Codes!
Mar 132012
2222218013 fc257aeeb9 m Social Media Engagement   Meineke

080116Meineke_711 (Photo credit: MizGingerSnaps)

Kudo’s to Meineke on Social Media Customer Engagement!

Today I visited a local Meineke and checked in via Foursquare (which then went to Twitter…).  This afternoon, I then received this Tweet from Meineke:

@ Thanks for coming in today! Here’s some savings off your next oil change
Slide1 normal Social Media Engagement   Meineke
Meineke Car Care

The link then led to these coupons that I can use on my next visit.

Screen Shot 2012 03 13 at 8.13.35 PM Social Media Engagement   Meineke

Very impressive proactive customer engagement! 

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 Social Media Engagement   Meineke
Mar 122012
5268216235 af97123636 m Fun With Infographics!

The Story of South African Wines (Photo credit: DimitraTzanos)

Ever created an Infographic?  You know…one of those graphs that combine Data & Graphics that give you that “Wow” impression when it loads a full web page? lol  There are some tools out there to help create specialized Infographics such as Resume’s or LinkedIn Profiles.  Or you can create your own with a graphics program such as Photoshop. is now rolling out a tool to easily create Infographics and makes it even easier to share it across your Social Media Networks, Blogs, Websites, email, etc.  They currently only have a limited amount of tools to start, but they promise a full list of new tools coming soon.

I decided to try it out.  One of their featured tools is to compare Twitter accounts with a SXSW Theme.  So I compared myself to my Twitter Friend Irene Kimmel (@irenekimmel).  The output was very impressive! (See below.).  My only complaint is that since I changed my Twitter Username last week, the graphic is only showing one week of stats.  Not sure if this is a Twitter bug or issue since by changing my name I kept my years and years of Twitter history.

So what do you think?

infographic11221 9630 173s4pp Fun With Infographics!
infographic created with

Be sure to try your own (free registration) at!

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 Fun With Infographics!