Mar 032012
150x100 Small Business Social Media Tip   LinkedIn Pages

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LinkedIn…are you familiar with it?  It’s one of the most popular Social Networks geared specifically for Business Networking.  It’s a great asset for individuals to expand their network and even jobseekers.  You can join Groups for valuable discussions for almost any Business related subject, give (and request) recommendations, search & apply for jobs….so many advantages for the individual.

And LinkedIn is also a must have tool for Small businesses.  SB’s can set up their own “Page” similar to Facebook.  I actually just set up a Business Page for Infusion Media the other day.  You start by setting up basic information about the Company.  Then you can actually link employees who are on LinkedIn to the Company.  Businesses can also advertise open positions from the Page profile and link news feeds/blogs.

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LInkedIn Pages for Companies


But where I believe the real advantage for Businesses using the LinkedIn Page is the Product & Services Feature.  You can setup an extensive description of the products and/or services that your Company offers.  And then other LinkedIn members can leave recommendations/reviews on the products and services.  Oh yeah…SEO techniques can be applied to the Page as well!  Such a great Marketing tool!

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 Small Business Social Media Tip   LinkedIn Pages