Mar 052012
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I’ve had my Twitter name Wireless_Geek since I started Tweeting several years ago.  At that point I was heavily focused in the latest Technology of the Wireless Industry.  But over the past couple years, I’ve been less “Wireless”.  So it would only make sense to rebrand my Twitter name towards my new endeavors.  But beware…if takes some careful planning before you just change your Twitter Name in the Twitter Account Preferences.

Here are some helpful steps to consider:

1. Twitter  Name – (ok…most obvious) – Since I’m beginning to do Business as Infusion Media, I wanted to find a name closely related.  However, since Twitter Branding hasn’t gone mainstream (and the jury is still out on the pricing for Branded Pages), I decided to do a slight variation and merge it with my Geek self brand as well.  So I went with @InfusedGeek.  I guess I could have done a totally different account and name it more towards the brand, but at this point I weighed the pros & cons and decided  to go with the rename.  However, after I changed my Twitter name, I recreated my old Twitter Name using a second email address with my new profile info in the bio.  Also, I will be able to reply to any tweets that are directed to the old name.

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2.  Twitter Background & Avatar – Keep this in consideration.  You may want to change to Twitter profile background & avatar to reflect the name change.  I personally have decided to wait a few days to do this in order not to confuse followers at first.

3.  Websites – Make a list of websites where you have profiled your Twitter Name. e.g. Facebook, Google+, Blogs (Profile, footers, widgets, etc), (and/or other URL shorteners), LinkedIn, About.Me, Buffer App, …..

4.  Email Signatures – Do you have your Twitter name listed in your Email Signature?  If so, be sure to change it!

5.  Other Media – Many people have their Twitter name coded into Profile pictures and other media.  Also, any QR Codes, Business Cards, etc need to be remembered as well.

Hope this helps!  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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 Rebranding Tip   Twitter