Mar 192012
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Siri not in Canada yet (Photo credit: AshtonPal)

I’ve been trying to get Siri installed on my iPhone 4 for quite some time now.  Every week there seems to be some new trick published on mainstream iPhone & Jailbreaking Blogs to bypass Apple’s restriction of Siri to the iPhone 4S only platform.  However, each time something failed.  Until today!!!

I was able to activate Siri this morning.  I am very impressed!  I was able to play Music, find a good BBQ Restaurant in Kansas City (I had to try the “What’s the best BBQ Restaurant in Kansas City” from the Apple Commercial…especially with my strong ties to the city.

photo 1 1 I Love Siri!!!

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tiny I Love Siri!!!

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tiny I Love Siri!!!

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photo 1 1 150x150 I Love Siri!!!photo 2 150x150 I Love Siri!!!photo 3 150x150 I Love Siri!!!

And what was really impressive, I was able to send Teresa a text message without typing while driving.  While the punctuation wasn’t the best, the voice recognition was excellent.

Have you tried Siri?  If so, what is your favorite feature?

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 I Love Siri!!!